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Mr.  James  Fossett

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From infancy to high school graduation, my family lived in single-wides, vans, campers, and even some beautiful homes. And at the time, "It was what it was." Wasn't everyone's life like that? I was actually in my twenties before I began to understand what the word "consistency" was. It was a meaning that was absolutely alien to me. Finished high school and traveled Europe with a backpack and sleeping bag and worked on a cruise boat for a while. I started college when I was 21 years old. I worked as a carpenter, electrician, plumber, and trapper to pay for college at SUCO Oneonta in upstate New York. My goal was to be a teacher and I moved west with a B.A. in English for more adventure. I landed in Las Vegas, Nevada. I began working for Nye County School District as a Network Administrator in 1998. It was then that I purchased my home in Gabbs, Nevada, because I felt if I had to travel, I would prefer to stay in my own home. I went back to school and received a Masters in Education at University of Phoenix in Las Vegas and became a 5th grade teacher in Pahrump, Nevada, in 2003. I taught 11 years in Pahrump. I felt there was a personal need for me to extend my educational studies so I went back to University of Phoenix and completed a second Masters in School Administration. I accepted the positions as Gabbs Principal one day prior to my first meeting with staff at the beginning of the 2014-15 school year.



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