School History

Gabbs School was begun in the 1940's with classes held in tents. The nice brick elementary building was completed in 1942 and the high school was completed in 1955. Additions were made to the front of the gymnasium and the home economics room and three additional classrooms were added in 1975. 


Over the years Gabbs School has had several activities. The school actually competed with other schools in an academic Olympics Team. It's like the academic bowl where the students do reviews of what they had been taught over the quarter. The school also had a homecoming week where kids dressed up for the theme of the day like pajama day, toga day, cross dress day, gangster day, pirate day, hippie day, and green & white day. The regular sports consisted of basketball, volleyball, and track.

There's also the prom that every year the juniors put on for the seniors and only 9th-12th are allowed to go. Unless you're in 8th grade and get bid in, meaning that someone in high school writes your name down on a piece of paper and gives it to the office for you to be able to attend. 

Then there was the annual Christmas Program, where the kids would sing Christmas songs and put on a play. The schools had a spirit week, which is like the homecoming week except without the dance. More events that the students could participate in were the chili cook-off, a PTO fashion show, and dessert auction. PTO also held a cupid's corner, but for married couples only.

So throughout the year's sports have always been played, proms put on, Christmas Programs, holiday events, etc. the school just has had to experiment and get more creative because of the small number of students. With dropping enrollment Gabbs School has had to improve the number and type of activities so that the students will have more opportunities and fun. While going through yearbooks to find out what past events have been, it stuck out that even though there were more kids back then, it seems like there weren't as many events the school did. So yes, maybe Gabbs doesn't have a whole lot of kids, but that doesn't mean it can't have more for our school to do.

-- Sammantha Jones