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SafeVoice Frequently Asked Questions- For Parents
Posted On:
Tuesday, January 30, 2018


                                                                             Frequently Asked Questions- For Parents

Q.  How does SafeVoice work?  Who receives reports at my child’s school? 

A. SafeVoice allows students, parents, school and community members to anonymously report concerning and potentially threatening situations and behaviors.  Report can be submitted on the mobile app, at, or by calling the hotline at 833.216.7233 (SAFE).  The reports are received and responded to live 24/7/365 by the Nevada Department of Public Safety (DPS), who will engage law enforcement immediately if necessary. 

By law your child’s school has at least three team members who receive reports from DPS.  The team must include an administrator and a counselor, social worker, and/or psychologist if one is assigned to the school.  Many principals have placed multiple administrators and counselors on school teams.


Q. What is the purpose of SafeVoice?  Where did it come from? 

A. The purpose of SafeVoice is not only to prevent school violence but also to protect student well-being.  The ultimate intent is to support a positive school climate:  where children feel safe and cared for, they become students who have energy to learn.  This is for students, parents, and community members who feel the need to report anonymously, or who want 24/7 access to the ability to report concerning situations.

 Students can also use SafeVoice to self-report when they are in distress; they may voluntarily identify themselves in the report or that may be revealed as the team responds. It is a sign of strength, not shame, to ask for help.

SafeVoice is the result of Senate Bill 212 of the 2017 Legislative Session; fortunately, its first three years of operation are funded by a research grant.


Q:  Do SafeVoice procedures supercede school procedures and protocols?

A. No, they do not.  SafeVoice is an early warning system and a way to seamlessly share information among those in your child’s school who have vulnerable children and potentially threatening situations on their radar screen.  It DOES NOT meet mandatory reporting requirements or substitute for a bullying investigation. School SafeVoice team members will commence a school protocol, including parental notification, at the same time as they would for any student well-being, disciplinary, or potentially criminal matter, including bullying.    


Q.  My children are more comfortable communicating in Spanish or another language.  How do they use SafeVoice?

A. Encourage them to use the web-based tip report form found at the MAKE A REPORT link of the website.  The upper right corner has an English drop down box that leads to nine language choices: Spanish, French, Portugese, Somali, Russian, Vietnamese, Croatian, Arabic and Laotian.  The mobile app has five languages. In the upper right hand corner of the Home screen of the app click the tiny i , then click Language Support. The DPS Call Center also has call takers who are fluent in Spanish. 


Q.  I know SafeVoice is to keep children safe, but can parents use it too?  I have submitted my concerns before, how will this be any different? 

A.  Yes, parents are welcome to use SafeVoice as a way to report an incident that your child may have shared with you.  The more detail that can be provided, the better the opportunity that the school’s administrators will have the ability to effectively respond.  One advantage of SafeVoice is that the people who need to know and respond in terms of investigation, discipline, creating safety plans, and providing support to your child are all on the same communication platform, increasing the opportunity for them to resolve concerns. 


Q.  I think this is great.  How can I help?

A. You can encourage your children and their friends to use SafeVoice responsibly, only in situations of real concern.  You can also encourage them to speak directly to you, their teachers, and school administrators about concerns, but SafeVoice is here 24/7 or when they wish to report anonymously. 

You can also support your school’s PTA or other parent groups in talking about and promoting SafeVoice. Right now, January 2018, SafeVoice is being promoted to the first half of Clark County schools, but it is available to all. You may find friends in other schools who are not yet aware of SafeVoice – don’t worry, it will be coming to them too!


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